Khloe Hart & Paris Deluxxxe

It’s time for final two girls to complete the list (once again, the list is not in any particular order):

Khloe Hart

Another beauty from the United States. This girl got well deserved status of one of the hottest girls in the industry. Such a hottie! She got that passable, natural look that rarely any girl can touch. Definite top 10 material!













Paris Deluxxxe

Not this will probably be a little surprise for everyone reading this, but I got to reserve one sport for a little less known girl. Paris Deluxxxe is a beautiful transsexual from Europe. Germany to be precise. Only released two or three scenes that are pretty hard to find and some amateur material, but her exeptional beauty and exotic look are more than enough to put her in all time top 10!













I hope you enjoyed!